Update #1

After taking a really long time due to laziness and already writing new stuff, I finally put Insomnioclaustroshack online. If you are reading this you already have the CD or maybe you stumbled upon this blog and you are very confused. ANYWAY! Here is the link to it!


I also have another album on there called Market Office. Please don’t listen to that. I know me saying this will intrigue you and make you want to listen to it but I beg you please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T DO IT!!

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In the summer a bunch of the songs I wrote were about this girl that I had created named Wendy. As stated in the song she is wild, sexy, dangerous which the main character/narrator is intoxicated by but he feels that he has to save her from that lifestyle or bad things will happen to her.

This was the first song I wrote for this album and it was originally going to be the opener for a larger rock opera/concept album. The album was going to tell the story of the narrator and Wendy as they partied and just went crazy together but eventually the narrator would leave and Wendy would spiral only to have them reunite. Insomnioclaustroshack is the scaled back version of that idea.

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2. Forever

I was listening to “That’s Inertia” by The Thermals late at night and the song blew me away. I love The Thermals but I had never heard that song before. I had been trying to write these sprawling epic 7 min long songs with guitar solos and drum fills but that is sometimes not the best thing. So I got my cassette recorder that I had just gotten from Goodwill and just sang what came to mind. 

The original demo is about 5 min long and has plenty of other lines that I was fine with cutting cause the core line “I could love you through thick and thin, that forever” was all I really needed

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3. New Mexico

I write alot about places I have never been or things I have never done. It was very interesting trying to write a song about the narrator trying to convince Wendy to come with him to New Mexico.

There are many different versions of this song on my iPhone and cassette recorder. It was originally much slower and acoustic. Also in a different key. Every demo is in a different key, speed, and instruments 

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4. Our Own Private Idaho

This song had been floating around in my head for some time before I actually attempted to write it out. The opening lyric I had come up with after that big snow storm that knocked out my power for like 5 or 6 days. My parents were talking about work and having to go around town in the snow. I was thinking that now with growing up and having cars and some of us jobs, we don’t look at snow the same as we did as say 10 years ago.

The rest of the song is the narrator and Wendy in New Mexico and like Forever, I just sat down with my iPhone and sang whatever I thought of. The situation the two are in they are not happy with and they regret coming. They just want to be home

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5. Untitled #1

If not everybody picks up on the common thread that holds these songs together than that is OK because I still think I crafted some good songs, an example is this one.

Me projecting my thoughts and insecurities through the narrator after Wendy is starting to question the relationship. The narrator is pursuing music wanting to be like the bands he idolizes but he feels something wrong with Wendy

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This song is essentially 4 different songs that I never thought I would record. Until I tossed them all together and saw how well lyrically they went with each other. 

The opening verse I wrote about Katie Crutchfield after I saw her Waxahatchee -Nervous Energy Session on Youtube (Whiskey & Math is what did it for me). American Weekend is a really good record. You should listen to it 

Obviously I altered thing to have it fit because at this point the narrator knows that Wendy is off with someone else and he goes and finds her. His fears are true but he is conflicted as he has never felt how he feels for Wendy for anyone else.

Near the end of this song I introduce Caroline. I am still unsure of who she is but my thoughts on her I will cover in Oh Caroline

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7. Wait Another Day

This song is different from most of the songs on Insomnioclaustroshack because of how fast I wrote it and recorded it. It took about a half hour to write and record and that is what you hear.

I think this song is from Wendy’s point of view. I didn’t think that when I recorded it so at the end there is a lyric mistake but whatever. The song is kinda straightforward with how she is feeling after the narrator leaves 

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8. heavyshitrealtalk

This song has the least to do with the story of the album. But it is a song that I have been wanting to write since I switched to Internet School.

My 7th and 8th grade years in middle school were among the worst and painful of my life. Waking up every morning for months in a row with a migraine and not having it go away until later that night was horrible way to live. Trying to maintain relationships with friends who I felt had forgotten about me, trying to catch up on all the work I had missed in my time away from school. Thoughts of killing myself, running away, or giving up. It was just a shit storm of shit storms.

But I’ve gotten my migraines under control now, my friends are great but I don’t see them as much as I’d like and school is still a thing. I wanted to write this song for years but I never really knew how to. I held onto alot of bitter feelings towards certain people for along time and this song helped me let go and I’m glad I finally did

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9/10. Insomnioclaustroshack/Synesthesia

These two instrumentals I like to think are the narrator finding himself a bit. Or maybe it’s his journey back home as he decides what to do. Originally I thought He would go to a cabin and stay there a while to figure things out and I think that is what I would want